Desinformation and Faulty Reactions …

(What happened in Fukushima?)
(the only reasonable reaction: Japan cuts 15% electricity, more …)

update October 2011: Fukushima daily update with web review & videos: click here
(new disinformation Oct. 2011; even world wide operating news media reported “harmless” 3,35microSievert/hour in Tokyo on Oct. 14; that is absolutely not harmless;
*** that is NOT less than the allowed 20 milliSievert/year ***
**** — 3,35x24x365uS/h = 29346uS/year = 29,346mS/y — ****
***** but it is 50% OVER the “legal” radiation dose) *****
Even contaminated food is already being produced in the Fukushima area again, only 6 months after the catastrophic accident: (click here: Video in the NT-V page)
(… und das ist die Technologie, von der sich der Khamenei Iran nicht abbringen lassen will, und mit der die Tschechische Republik (?) und Grossbritannien je 15 neue Reaktoren bauen wollen;
als ob 439 Reaktoren weltweit nicht genug waeren: die USA wollen 30 neue Reaktoren bauen, und — 16 in Betrieb, 26 in Bau und 8 genehmigt — China sogar 50 …)
… obwohl es Alternativen gibt:

(dangerous enough are Nuclear Reactors on submarines (abc,au) & icebreakers (rian,ru) but except this kind of case-of-emergency applications there should be really no nuclear business in the world (Canada,China) and no raw materials exploit in polar regions (?) nor natural parks (?) nor in that devastating oil sand (?) style)

(being “modern” does not protect from being stupid: 3milesIsland 1979 seems no warning to Obama 2012 ( and web search on Harrisburg gives no result on the accident on the 1st page — except you used search engine on “nuclear” before —
more about RISKY and CATASTROPHIC disasters, worldwide; here are listings of serious/catastrophic accidents worldwide, in English and Deutsch)

(it is more important than ever for all people to inform each other, and to organize resistance against “Politics” and “Economy” who led to what happened in Sendai, Japan, on March 11-13th, 2011)
— also see for atomic lobby information
and for nuclear industry information —

… it is just hard to believe what happened in Fukushima:

1. Systematic Irresponsibility: Earth Quake exposed and Tsunami exposed, location is intolerable.

2. Operational Irresponsibility: Emergency Seawater Cooling 48 hours delayed (they hoped to continue “normal operation” and avoided emergency flooding with seawater or tsunami water)

3. Meltdown Desinformation: Cr51 on Sat.March 12th morning MEZ (evening Japan) (that means that stainless steel for the reactor core wall must have been molten at that time, evaporating Chromium 51 particles; Chromium 51 is radioactive, i.e. activated by the nuclear reaction neutrons)

4. Even Wheather Reports were faulty: they said “winds-go-east” but winds went NORTH (actually, radioactive clouds from the Fukushima obvious meltdown appeared in Miyagi)

5. Social Reasons of a non-open, non-democratic, monarchistic/hierarchistic society

6. Details from Friday March 11th until Sunday March 13th


1. Systematic Irresponsibility:

Nuclear Reactors are unacceptable as such, more at  (even nuclear waste management is irresponsible, worldwide), AND additionally the Fukushima Reactors are in the mid of an Earthquake Zone AND at the sea shore: with 5 quakes worse than 9,0 magnitude (see below, at the end of the page) and 200.000 dead bodies at the 2006 Tsunami around the Eurasian Tectonics Plate (in the Indian Ocean, 2006) it is <b>simply ridiculous</b> that …

<font color=”red”><b>… * Tsunami water was able to stop Emergency Diesel Generators (for a reactor cooling, diesel fuel pumps would have to be operational under water = mechanical, or at an altitude at least 50m over the reactor: the 2006 tsuname had a height of 30m, so this was known for 5 years already, 2011)

… * Electrial Emergency Batteries provide emergency cooling for less than a week

… * Public Desinformation prevents from realtime help (“no danger, local effects”)

… * Cr51 indicated a molten core already on Sat.March 12, admitted only 24 hours later

… * Earth Quake intensity was said 8,8 (then 8,9) and only admitted 9,0 on Sunday. (probably it was even stronger but “said lower” to “prevent panic”; and comparability with worldwide earthquake monitoring was and is hampered by using a “special” scale 1-to-7 in Japan, instead of the energy-related “normal” Richter scale)

* Even the wheather report was faked for 48 hours (winds went North and not Pacific, and this as well came to public only on Sunday) </font>


2. Irresponsibilities of the operating crew in the Fukushima Reactor:

obviously in the hope to continue “normal” operation of the power plant, first 24 hours were waited without doing any emergency cooling (except the few hours of battery operated pumping of coolant) AND THEN another 24 hours were waited to produce enough Bor enriched coolant for the same purpose (not to flood and damage the reactor core by “normal” water flooding).

These 48 hours are the simple reason why the core-meltdown became unavoidable.

Fukushima is a Lightwater Reactor, i.e. it works with “normal” water. Steam is produced by the nuclear heating bars, and this steam directly powers an electric (steam) turbine/generator unit. STEAM means that water starts boiling at the nuclear bars, like at an immersion heater in the coffee cup, AND these steam bubbles mean that the heating element is not cooled (or, at least less cooled) at its surface. (gas and steam cools less than liquids do) Here a simple schematic drawing: (german but graphically clear)

With cooling broken down, on Friday March 11th morning MEZ (afternoon Japanese timezone), the only responsible action would have been to FLOOD THE REACTOR VESSEL immediatly with “normal” water, sea water, tsunami water, or whatever water available.

This was not done, for whatever motivation at that time.

(the argument of “needing Bor” for the coolant concerns ONLY the electrial output and profit which was hoped for, still at that time; flooding means days or weeks of non-operational repair times but would have prevented from a meltdown as it happened then; it is NOT TRUE that without Bor the reactor would not have been cooled by “normal” (=”light”)water, and it is NOT TRUE that any reactor “heats up” by flooding with lightwater: in contrary, lightwater absorbs much more neutrons than heavy water does, and much more than what “regular” coolant does, i.e. lightwater cools down the fuel elements AND EVEN REDUCES the chain reactions of REACTIVITY in the core)


3. Meltdown kept dead quiet for 24 hours:

it was clear from Friday March 11th that a meltdown would occur if cooling would not come under control again. It was clear from Sat.March 12th that meltdown was immediately beginning, since COOLANT LEVEL was (known to be) low already — and not refilled by seawater or tsunami water — AND since Cr51 was measured already on Saturday.

(Chromium 51 is radioactive, i.e. stems from the activated reactor core wall material, and this means that the reactor core was molten already at that time on Sat.March 12th morning; half time is 28 days/physics and 100 days/biology/organs)

There is no such thing as “partially pregnant”, therefore it is RIDICULOUS to talk about a “partial meltdown”: from the first molten stainless steel spot at approx. 1500 deg C to a completely molten core it takes hours only, maybe even minutes only.

So the meltdown was clear at Sat.March 12th, in the morning MEZ (= evening, Japan timezone).

And the meltdown was already on FRIDAY most likely to concern all 4 Fukushima reactors — not only Block 1 or 3 — but still it took until Sunday March 13th morning MEZ (afternoon Japan timezone) to admit “possible” meltdown “of 3 reactor blocks” …


4. Even the Weather Report was faulty:

probably in order to prevent panic, wheather reports around the world talked about “winds carrying eventual radioactive clouds out to the East to the Pacific Ocean”. Evacuations of 3km, then 10km and then 20km would be only for “security reasons” but not due to immediate danger etc.etc.

Truth is that on Sunday March 13th, high amounts of radioactive fallout from a power plant were measured in Miyagi Ken Prefecture where first only Tsunami damages (with 10.000 dead bodies — not admitted until Sunday — and half the City of Minami-Sanriku destroyed) had hit the coast.

This radioactive fallout probably stems from Fukushima; but it is possible that another power plant north of Sendai was lying as well, so that it stemmed from another meltdown maybe.

That means that winds went NORTH and not EAST. Wheather reports corrected this faulty information only hesitatingly, on Sunday. Until Saturday evening, only “winds-to-east” Wheather Maps were shown.


5. True reason for all this

is the conservative, hierarchistic structure of Japanese Society, comparable mainly to (“political”) monarchistic structures in Europe and (“economic”) hierarchistic structures in Europe, America and Asia. (see below)

What is visible around the Sendai Quake and Tsunami, and the following Nuclear Disaster around Fukushima and other NPPs in the area, is being “explained” by mass media as the attempt to “avoid panic” in the “population” there.

But that SEEMLESSLY PASSES OVER into penetrant propaganda “why” be “necessary” and “why we” would “need and want” whatever: it is exactly the same argumentation — with the same bunch of lies — which led to the “exit from the exit” of Nuclear Power in Germany, 2009/2010:

CSU/CDU/FDP government coalitionists are stepping into prolongation of existing nuclear power plants since then, and they obviously hope to build “new and safer” NPPs again, as soon as possible.

(MONARCHIES: Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Spain are still Monarchies by 2011, France/Sarkozy and Italy/Berlusconi have de-facto monarchies with “nagging” election necessities, and Germany/Austria/Portugal/Greece have been monarchies so many centuries that their administration structures still correspond to what was “usual” 150 years ago; Switzerland threw out Monarchists 700 years ago around 1300 a.d. but cannot serve as a structure model for whole Europe and for an excuse of all misfits: since Switzerland is associated to the European Union, any modeling function creates a backcoupling like a radio beside the phone, as it happened to the former Human Rights pioneer function of Austria between 1992 and 2012: today no refugees are known any more, in Austria, they are “illegal immigrants” now)

Also JAPAN is a MONARCHY: critics on the Nuclear Community and/or on those society structures * meant a total career stop and * meant permaMobbing in Japan as well as in Austria, even less than 20 years ago: nobody would call the reason at its name but 100s of reasons would be found why the critics be inacceptable, intolerable, criminal, lacking personality and sympathy and so on and so on.

As for the Nuclear Industry and Electric Power Industry, these two focuses of “political” and “economic” hierarchisms come together. In a society as Japan or China (and in EU/USA at least worse than 1970), no individual thought of responsible criticism has any chance to even become public and heard, not to talk about having a chance to stop nonsense decisions (if “politicians” and CEOs are opposed)

Probably someone in Fukushima had the idea of flooding the reactor to prevent overheating and meltdown. But for sure the “priority” of continuous operation (and profit) led to “waiting” for the “correct cooling liquid” etc.etc.


6. Details from Friday March 11th until Sunday March 13th:

Friday March 11th, morning MEZ (evening Japan timezone) … earthquake announced with 8,8 and only on Sunday corrected to 9,0 (and probably even stronger in truth), and Tsunami damages clear to Japanese administration after the first Helicopter flights. All cooling systems in Fukushima dropped out. Running on batteries for a few hours, total stop foreseeable.

Saturday … confirmation that all cooling systems were dropped out, and that cooling water became “low” (i.e. did not / would not cover the reactor core any more, at least soon), BUT STILL NO ACTION was taken to flood the problem reactors with “normal” (i.e. “light”)water  to cool down temperatures and to slow down chain reactions: normal water absorbs many more neutrons from the nuclear chain reaction (and therefore slows down the reactor, eventually even provokes an undercritical situation = interruption of the nuclear chain reaction). This would have prevented the following overheating with Hydrogene/Oxygene explosion — originating from steam becoming so hot that water molecules were split into H2 and O2 — …

… and this would have prevented of the core meltdown on Saturday: this meltdown is hardly deniable, since Saturday morning MEZ (evening Japan timezone) Cr51 fallout was measured. Chromium obviously stems from evaporated stainless steel of the reactor core walls, and there is no “partial meltdown”. (it takes hours only, maybe even minutes only, to melt a few cubic meters of steel with a nuclear (!) heating, when melting has begun on any tiny spot of the reactor core housing)

Sunday … measurements of radioactivity had shown 1000fold activity in the control room (!) (that is NOT the reactor core!) in Fukushima, and 400fold activity in Miyagi, but still evacuations of (first 1000, then 20.000m then 100.000 and) on Sunday 400.000 people was “calmed down” to be “for security only” (but not to actual danger) …

… and now only, on Saturday/Sunday night MEZ (Sunday morning, Japan timezone) “emergency cooling” — with Bor enriched water, i.e. a regular cooling and not an emergency cooling — was started, and a “possible meltdown” was admitted. …

… and Still on Sunday, only blocks 1 and 3 were said “problematic”, where block 2 was already clear to be near or in the midst of a meltdown. Only now, after measurements in Miyagi, the faulty wheather reports were corrected. (winds were said to be “harmless” to the open Pacific to the East, while winds went North to Miyagi and Hokkaido)


None of the problems around the Fukushima et al. Nuclear Power Plants were unforeseeable:

* the 2006 Tsuname had a 30m wave hitting half South Asia, and


the top 15 quakes since 1900 had 5 over 9,0:

• Chile , 1960 05 22, 9.5 magnitude

• Prince William Sound, Alaska, 1964 9.2 magnitude

• Northern Sumatra, 2004 9.1 magnitude

• Kamchatka, 1952 9.0 magnitude

• Japan, 2011: 8.9 magnitude

• Chile, 2010 8.8 magnitude

• Ecuador, 1906 8.8 magnitude

• Alaska, 1965 8.7 magnitude

• Northern Sumatra, 2005 8.6 magnitude

• Assam and Tibet, 1950 8.6 magnitude

• Andreanof Islands, Alaska, 1957 8.6 magnitude

• Southern Sumatra, 2007 8.5 magnitude

• Banda Sea, Indonesia, 1938 8.5 magnitude

• Kamchatka, 1923 8.5 magnitude

• Chile and Argentina, 1922 8.5



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